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Default Re: Not my concern, I am staying

Originally Posted by JesterTerrestrial View Post
Yes that... and it also looks like somethings going on!

Thanks for making me laugh Jester... They say there are two secrets to comedy.... timing...

and repetition....

and timing....


I am really enjoying the repetitions of "There's something going on!"

I smile a little wider each time I read your post, or you being quoted somewhere.

This is great, it makes a point, simply.


Well, if my maths is correct, this is post # 666 for me. Booo... so I better use it wisely.

So many opinions on so much stuff, it's hard to know even where to post!

So I'll assume by that, that posting anywhere is ok.

This is kind of the point of my post actually. We are living in times of extreme duality it seems. Getting on with someone 5 minutes ago? Not now you're not...

It's almost like a repetition of the Tower of Babel for modern times.

Only what's funny is that this is 'pick a cause week'. Doesn't matter which , or who.. but pick a cause and stick to it!

Shout it from the rooftops. Align yourself. You're either with us... or you're with the terrorists...

Yep, we weren't the first ones to take a side with duality, but now there's so much more choice !

You can pick a moderator.. a founder.. a member.. even a forum... let alone a point of view...

and Go for it!

Yay.. cause that is what is really happening right now.

But maybe I'm just alignining with that thought too?

I've got my invite to Avalon 2.0.. thanks for that...

(lol.. What is it about Glastonbury? Anyone here been to the festival knows what I'm talking about... It's been years since getting in to Avalon was an easy affair. I suspect getting into Avalon 2 will be much easier than most believe and a darned site easier than getting a ticket into Glastonbury Festival.)

I've also taken a look at the Mists forum, and there is a really nice vibe there too from what I've seen.

Now if you don't have an invite, and never get one, then you don't have a choice, so you have nothing to worry about. But if you have an invite or get one soon then you will have a dilemma..."who to align with?"

Which friends, which ethics, which morals and it doesn't matter to the energies right now what you long as you align with something thereby exacerbating the force of separation.

My advice, if I had any, would be to be a part of everything. Do not align. Go for unity. Be a part of Av2, be as equally a great part of Mists. Equally, be a part of the world around you and take time out to visit neither forum.

The closer you get to the centre of the spinning vortex, the easier it may be.

It will be so easy to get caught up.

Love and best wishes to you all.


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