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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
are you familiar with the dragon called
Seraf'ina ???

ina - 9 5 1 (15)
thus ; 22+15=37/10
she is a red dragon outside, blue inside, and,
can blend those colours of red/and, blue to reflect/or, be seen as purple

she is some form of ancient lightworker dragon
but, where is she originally from/what are all the purposes
for having access to a dragon ???

she shows up to work with us in grand cycles,
currently, earth is NOW in a 13th grand cycle,
WE ARE CURIOUS, exactly what these 13th grand cycle are...
is it merely, a changing of a guard of 2000 years x 13 = 26,000
and, also that of a galatic alignment !!!
ie; it moves from pisces/to age of acquarius etc., ???
means to you ???
This is BAIAME - the Rainbow Dragon of Uluru or Ayers Rock; the DREAMTIME SERPENT of the Australian Aboriginee; now known to represent the oldest representative of the homo sapiens sapiens genus.
This is known as Mungo Man and Mungo Woman discovered in New South Wales and dated via burial rites to be so 40,000 years old.

The cycles are easy 13 Mayan baktuns are 13x144,000 days/kin in 1,872,000 days specifying the 3114 BC to 2012 AD longcount of 5125 civil years.
The last baktun so is 144,000 days or 394 years from 1618 to 2012 as the 13th and last cycle.


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