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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by CÚline View Post

Ok..i read most of that...

Hmmm...You are "sure" i do not know?... about black holes?....i had no clue you knew that much about me...

But i was not talking so much about black Darkness...and that is a subject i do know a lot about...

i have been up close and personal with the great blue whale...have you?

She was...amazing..powerful...

She is not the only whale i have seen... i go every summer to watch the great whales..

The light, beaming off those mammals is incredible...

but they are not the only ones..

May i ask..what all that information was supposed to teach me?

Guess im just stupid...but it went over my head.

For all light workers out not feel... "heavy", if you do not understand this threads..perspective.

It changes Nothing

Darkness hungers for light.

Light is life.
I have spoken of REAL Black Holes Celine not imaginary nonphysical ones.
You are free to follow your path into the light; just as I am free to follow my path into the darkness - the REAL darkness not the imagined nonphysical one.
With nonphysical I do not infer spiritual, as the 'Spirit' is physically definable and so must the 'spiritual darkness' be physical definable.

Your innuendo about your experience with cetaceans appears a little condescending, despite your loving nature.

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