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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by CÚline View Post
i do not fear the darkness but i will never give myself over to it either..

i dont care how many parables...or how many "facts"one knows..

No one..could convince me, that a black hole.. holds the answers.

I am sure you have little ideas about what a 'Black Hole' is Celine!

You may give ear to a scientist, rather than to the purveyors of fearbased agendas.

Of Whales, Mites, Souls, Merkabahs and Black Holes!

The 'Seat' of the 'Soul' according to the string physics of Quantum Relativity (QR)

Much controversy revolves around the concept of the Cartesian mind-body duality and the ideas of an immortal part of a living entities colloquially and historically termed 'soul'.

Four references from the KJV Christian bible read as translated.

Genesis.2.7: "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul".

Genesis.2.5: "And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb in the field before it grew: for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground."

Genesis.1.21: "And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantely, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good."

Genesis.1.11: "And God said, Let the earth bring bring forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the fruit tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good."

It is proposed in QR; that the sciptural accounts describing creation in actuality reflect an encoding of a story, which can today be translated into the nomenclature of modern physical theory.

So the 'seed in itself' translates as the programming of the DNA inherent in the sexual chromosomes of reproduction in modern genetics of sorts.
This then implies, that the 'Lord God' and as the creator somehow must be responsible for this 'programming' as say the primordial and/or underpinning and/or intrinsic intelligence or mind for this 'creation' and 'before it materialised' in the Big Bang cosmology and the creation of space and time et al.

Furthermore, man (and all lifeforms in flora and fauna say before it) does in fact derive from 'the dust of the ground'; namely as the first selfreplicating biovital precursors in the Darwinian evolution in the form of clay-crystals.
The growth of crystalline inorganic structures can be shown to relate to chiral differentiation with say the biochemistry of DNA manifesting in righthanded sugars and lefthanded proteins. Also this can be further examined and analysed in the weak parity violation of the weak nuclear interaction and so the asymmetry between matter and antimatter in fundamental particle physics.
Subsequently, nature's favouring of compacting information in its most efficient manner possible leads to geometric forms for the selfreplication of crystalline structures to proceed; say as in the well established form of fivefolded symmetries in the Fibonacci patterns of quasicrystals and the more regular packing arrangements as say embodied in the five Platonic Solids: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron.

The topic of this post is however a particular 'decoding' of the scriptures; namely why are 'whales' mentioned in the genesis account and in context with the 'moving creatures', say as distinct of the 'stationary' trees?

First, the informed reader might realise certain biological anomalies.

Only whales share something termed the female human menopause with scriptural 'man' (meaning mankind as male with the female as a bisexual unity).

Secondly, whilst the evolutionary historical record shows diversity in the great mammals generally having 'shrunk' in size; the whales have greatly 'expanded'.

A mammoth; a dimetrodon, a wooly rhino and a smilodon; all clearly show scaled-up versions of the modern elephant, the modern rhinoceros and the modern lion say.

But the ancestry of whales is believed to derive from landdwelling Mesonychids, which were doglike carniverous ungulates (one-hoofed) and from ancestors of the hippopotamus in artiodactyla (hippopotamidae) of the early paleocene about 60 million years ago.

Basilosaurus cetoides (and say Zyggorhiza Kochii) were primitive whales in the Eocene oceans, about 40 million years ago, having returned to the aquatic environment, say 50 million years ago.

Those primitive whales, as cetaceans, then 'split' about 35 million years ago into evolved into the toothless baleen whales and the toothed dolphins, porpoises, killer whales and sperm whales of today.

The greatest and most massive mammal that has ever existed still exists today under threat of extinction - the Blue Whale of say 150 tonnes in weight and 30-40 meters in length.

One blue whale was dated as being over 200 years old and their average lifespan is the same as that for the human in so 70-100 years.

So is there a familial relationship between humans and whales? Modern whales are related to pachyderms in the hippopotami and some 'decipherers' of scripture identify the biblical 'behemoth' of the Book of Job with the hippopotamus and the Leviathan of that book with the whale.

Actually, according to QR, the Jobian mythological creatures relate to something rather different, namely the Mazzaroth or Circle of Ourobos as the 'zodiac' of the 'Milky Way'; but this has been discussed elsewhere.

But according to the cosmogenesis of QR; the Big Bang occurred 19.11 billion years ago following 'stringed inflationary epoch'.

This inflation ended at the 'instanton of time', namely to=3.33..x10-31 seconds after 'Planck-Time' and related in the cycletime n=Ho.t. This quantises a linear 'flow of time' as dn/dt=Ho~1.88x10-18 Hz and as a superposed 'cosmic frequency' for the expansion of the universe (as a nodal Hubble-Constant of 58 km/Mpc.s say).

This marker, initialising the thermodynamic Big Bang as a Planck Black-Body Radiator; then manifests a 'Unified Field' (UF) of the four gauge interactions (Gravitation, Electromagnetism and the two nuclear interactions).

This UF manifests the merging of two opposing wavefunctions, which repeats in intervals of 8π radians and manifests the gauge interactions as a collection of monopolic current 'knots' or 12 intersection-points.

As the timeinstanton defines the c-invariance in lightpath x=cto and as a wavelength (lambda) say; one can now metricate the minimum displacement as a Schwarzschild Radius in say General Relativity and giving a boundary/initial condition for the relativistic Big Bang.

Setting 4 Lambda=(8π.ro)=2GM/c2, then specifies the 'Black Holed' inertia or mass as Mmin=4π.ro.c2/G=162,000 kg in the QR calculation, using string parameters.

What does this mean?

This means that any mass observed and measured in the universe can be differentiated in terms of its Black-Hole equivalence.

A classical Black Hole would become limited in an 'ordinary' manifested mass of 162 tonnes and as the precise mapping of the 'Unified Field' onto a subsequent cosmic evolution, which began over 19 billion years ago and in a sense defining the 'finiteness' of the universe, compared to its stringed 'pretime'.

So any of the 'living moving creatures' of the scriptural account would PRECEDE the manifestation of a physical universe as the 'seeds of themselves', now translated into modern semantics as the Black Hole inertia equivalents, which in QR are also monopolic and superconductive source-currents.

So if 162 tonnes is a maximum and say as the scale of the most massive living creature that ever existed; what then is the minimum scale of such a creature?.

As the 162 tonnes specify a maximum in say the baleen whale as the END of the inflationary string epoch; the minimum is necessarily defined in the beginning of that epoch and so in the Planck-Mass MP=√(hc/2πG)~1.6x10-8 kg.

Should one use the mass of a human preembryo at implantation of the blastocyst (100-150 cells) at say 7 days after fertilisation as a marker; then using cellular mitosis at the twelfth division - after the creation of the first generation of the daughter cells from the parental spermatozoa and ovum -of the (totipotent) stem cells; the Planck-Mass is also attained.
Here one uses a characteristic cellular mass of 1 nanogram for 214=16,384 cells for a total mass of 16,384 nanograms.

So the lightest 'living creature' should weigh about the Planck-Mass and is found in the world of the microbes.

The Etruscan Shrew (of thumbsize) is described as the lightest living mammal, weighing 2 grams; the lightest vertebrate is often said to be the stout infantfish (of so 8 mm) at one milligram and the lightest insects are say fairy flies (hymenoptera, wasps), which also weigh in the milligram region and the millimeter scale of size.

The smallest invertebrata can be smaller, then the largest protozoa, say the bacterium paramecium (350 micrometers) as compared to a fairy flie of 200 micrometers.

Microscopic mites like Archegozetes Iongesetosus (from taxonomy of acari and arachnids) weighs 100 micrograms and is often called the 'strongest animal in the world', as it can lift over 1182 times its own bodyweight (expected value is about five times). Such microorganisms date back to the Devonian era of so 400 million years ago and still dominate the overall lifeform in number on the planet.

But Archegozetes Iongesetosus is a 'larger' mite at half a millimeter and at 10-7 kg and smaller mites reduce to less than one tenth of a millimeter.

This reduction in size corresponds to a say fivefolded reduction in mass and now characterises the Planck-Mass of so 16 micrograms.

So what am I saying?

I claim, that say the extreme forms of inertia found on the planet, say the 162 ton baleen whale and the tropic mite at 20 microgram, are both related to the creation of the universe before space and time existed - as DNA/RNA templates or architectural blueprints subject to evolutionary genetic mutation or similar.

And this is just, what the scriptures claim in genesis. The 'seeds' existed, before they were planted.

And the human scale of say 50-100 kg is near the geometric mean of the two extremes at √(162x103x1.6x10-8)~0.051 kg by a factor of 1000 - the mean describing a 'weight' of 51 grams (a typical chocolate bar or a small bird).

So where then is the location of the 'souls'?

The souls of all 'living things' are located inside the Black Holes of their inertia equivalence.
And as this equivalence predates the Big Bang, the 'souls' of living entitities from mite to blue whale must also predate the materially manifested universe in the selfsame primordial 'mind' or 'cosmic intelligence', which programmed the 'seeds' in say the genetic encoding and which is historically known under many labelings, including that of the 'Lord God'.

Subsequently, when a mite or blue whale 'dies', the information 'collected' as say 'memory' in 'consciousness' throughout its 'lifecycle' will become 'processable' in a scenario transcending space and time in a 'return to the sourcing of the seeds'.


Fantastic hypothesis, Tony. Are you saying that there is a sort
of 'blueprint soul' from which all others are made and to which
they return?
I don't really understand inertia, but I think I was able to grasp
most of what you were alluding to above.

TonyB.: Yes April, and this blueprint is the same 'thing' from which the entire universe was born. It is the 'singularity' of mathematical physics as well as the 'source of all things' of the ancients, as well as the 'IAm' of Moses' 'burning bush' in Exodus.3.14 as the 'most holy of names' as well as the 'IAM' of omniscience of the New Ager.

Because this 'singularity' is responsible of having 'made' space and time from itself; it was described by the ancient mind of insight (gnosis=scientia=knowledge) as some 'LIGHT moving out of its own darkness to create all things.
This is just like the mythology described in genesis. So the 'bible bashers' in a sense are not far off the 'truth' at all. Using GNOSIS=SCIENCE=INSIGHT, one can DECIPHER the mythologies in just a manner which reductionistic science can (and will imo) eventually accept as its own ontology.

The trouble is that any mythology becomes by necessity FILTERED by the 'decoder'.
So saying, that the 'spirit of God' moved across the void (which is the same as the Greek Chaos differentiating into Uranus=Sky and Gaea=Earth or the Egyptian twinship of Geb=Earth with Nut=Sky) can and has been interpreted in many ways, including in exoteric (open and outward for the masses as Jesus or similar adepts would have said) and an esoteric (hidden or occult and inward for the disciples as Jesus or similar adepts would have said).
Then the so called sceptics and antispiritualists lose impartiality in critisizing the exotericism of say the dogma-bound religions as being undifferentiated from the esoteric interpretations (reserved for the 'disciples' or whatever).

Lastly, April's question on the 'souls return to their source' requires deeper analysis.

Logically, all speculations must be selfconsistent and should also be reducible to a basic simplicity.

So the 'singularity' is in fact defined in a generalised way by many thinkers, ancient and new. One can term it the 'Lord God' or the Big Bang Singularity of a Planck-Superstring or the Source-Energy of the IAMTHATIAM or whatever.
Note here an important FACT. God is God UNTIL he has created his own image in Man (AdamEve) and RENAMES himself as the Lord God thenceafter. Why? Because Adam has now become God as his Veritas Eikona (Perfect or True Image), being empowered to NAME all the created fauna and flora in the manner of scientific classifications and taxonomies etc. etc.(Gen.2.4,20).

God's Spirit becomes the ENERGY, not only of his own selfdefinition (after emerging out of his opwn darkness or void by becoming AWARE of himself); but also of the lifesustaining 'breath of life' dispensed to his environment (say Stephen's bubble of being, which is Isaiah's 'Vessel of the Lord', Noah's Ark, the New Age Merkabah, Moses' 'Ark of the Covenant' and the 'Body of Christ' as the 'Body of the Church' in the eucharist etc. etc.).

Modern science then will one day discover, that this 'spirit of God' is closely related to the foundations of the physical sciences in being the boundary for spacetime as metric limit - limiting to what displacement scale measurements can be reduced.

Because of this, all science must eventually converge at its source of origin and it will then become understood what 'God' truly is and always was.
Namely, God can only be the energy reservoir for everything that exist, did or can exist including all thoughts, memories, speculations, dreams and inventions.
BUT, this energy reservoir must necessarily be independent on physical parameters such as space and time and mass.
So, modern science must CHANGE its paradigm of reducing everything to spacetimematter and REPLACE this with a reduction to the ENERGY equaivalence of this spacetimematter.
This will DEFINE 'God' unmistakenly, as all global science will find commonality and reproducibility through the scientific methodology.

I can elaborate if asked specific questions on this and have already often done so in my posts.

So the 'souls' are REDUCED energy concentrations independent on mass and space and time. Whilst 'enlivening' some 'vessel of life' (and a vessel of the lord in terms onf man as the image); the 'souls' ARE the living entity, might it be an ant or a dolphin or a child.
Their 'souls' are however CONNECTED to the source of all in their ENERGY EQUIVALENCE, say modelled on Black Hole physics.

As the entire inertial universe is most definitively describable as a "Mother Black Hole' (because the critical density in General Relativity demands a harmony between elementary parameters in first principles); whatever is contained in this universe is automatically bilocated in terms of the INFORMATION procressing of this selfsame universe.

The boundary of the universe is colocated with the centre (and just as Stephen propounds in his 'merkabah'-sphere).
This means, that all information in between is MAPPED onto the surface (of the so called Hubble Horizon of the universe so 17 billion lightyears from the Big Bang centre) and from where it is 'processed' by the centre.

So the 'return of the souls' is rendered as a REMEMBRANCE or RECOGNISANCE of the 'souls' which had embarked on a journey, of say into embodiment, to discover more of their 'own identity' as the vertias eikonas of their source.


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