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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post
The link that you mention is just one opinion, I studied with the gnostics, theosophyst, shamans etc, etc. the list is endless and have spent all the spare time that I had in my life in the quest of understanding and achieving ascension

Like you I have also had contact with ETs prior to encountering the GA MCEO
Many of the things my ETs taught me are reflected in the teachings of the azurite press. I am not a full nor naive, I research deep into every subject that I am interested

One thing that was key for me is that Asha in her books talks about the United Kingdom being part of Atlantis which is an impression I had many years ago and could not find confirmation anywere

Appart from that the Earth, is my friend, it talks to me and tells me its secrets...I am a gridkeeper I can read the ethers

Before engaging on the Freedom Teachings I researched so much that I left myself withouth a shadow of a doubt that this was the most logical, cohesive path that one can wish to engage should one want physical ascension, or just spiritual ascension

I know many people shy of Asha's teachings because she is very direct and her logical/scientifical explanations on the creation and ascension mechanic will challenge the intellectual capacity of even scientist...many people just give up

Why are these teachings so difficult, because they are being stepped down and I know how that happens because I myself do keylontic communication with many Krystiac beings from different planets and realms

Asha by the way could not possible have made up all these, she only went to college and studied art. The complexity and ellegance of the system will take many MIT geniuses to compile and put together if they ever could. My son has a honours degree in Artificial Intelligence so I know the score

Part of me used to live in Sirius B and had speaker contracts there. As that part of me in a parallel time I did guide three see but here I am only a gridkeeper
The beings in the higher dimensions have great difficulty understanding our predicament, many of them have never been in a fallen system before

There are also a miriad of distorsions down here and the NET of oblivion that program us to be in fear and think that the only life that we have is this one and that is it...

In eternal Krystiac aqua LaVa
Indeed, Anna Hayes' scientific discourses are profound indeed.

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