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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

are you familiar with the dragon called
Seraf'ina ???

ina - 9 5 1 (15)
thus ; 22+15=37/10
she is a red dragon outside, blue inside, and,
can blend those colours of red/and, blue to reflect/or, be seen as purple

she is some form of ancient lightworker dragon
but, where is she originally from/what are all the purposes
for having access to a dragon ???

she shows up to work with us in grand cycles,
currently, earth is NOW in a 13th grand cycle,
WE ARE CURIOUS, exactly what these 13th grand cycle are...
is it merely, a changing of a guard of 2000 years x 13 = 26,000
and, also that of a galatic alignment !!!
ie; it moves from pisces/to age of acquarius etc., ???
means to you ???
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