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Default Re: urban survival... More quakes on the way 2010!

Originally Posted by sammytray View Post

Fridays report/article is quite disturbing...

13:15 - Another Linguistic Note

Six Great Quakes to Come
Had a chance to chat with Cliff briefly today about the predictive linguistics and what's ahead for the balance of this year. For one thing, he's had time to look at the data again and nope, although Haiti is a terrible mess, and there's some linguistic fill beginning which could link 'diaspora' to the Haiti quake, a review of the data says no, the diaspora/people moving about due to changing circumstances really is 220-million.
Add the imminent Hayward (San Francisco) and the San Andeas (LA) to the
below (Seatlle/Vancouver) and you have a maga earth change if one triggers the other. The Cascadia fault gave rise to Thunderbird legend.

We NEDD to keep that So. Cal. Avelonites thread going. We can't lose touch!


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