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Default Re: Christmas Dinner Menu ~ What's yours?

Thank you so much everyone. It all looks delicious. I'm dragging right now as I've been up since 4 am and there is still dinner at friends and midnight mass tonight.

I'm looking forward to putting these tired puppies up for a rest. The surgared pecans, walnuts and fudge are now made. The mincemeat tartlets are soon on the list of to do. This is after cleaning out the chicken hutch. That's their Christmas present. Oooo icky poo.

I'm now getting all the wrapping paper and cards off the table to get it ready to fix up nice and pretty. Our dining table serves as the hobby center, homework central and workstation for hubby. Now it's time to transform it into something a little bit different...

Thanks for the macroni recipe happygal. I've wanted the real deal for awhile now and will add tomatoes with it.

Feadia.. how do you make creamy cheesy baked leeks? Your dinner also has be drooling.

Stardust, what is a nut roast. Are you vegan? We were vegatarians for 7 years and will get back on that wagon verra soon. After we finish off all the frozen fish in the freezer.

Dan, those pies sound yummy. Enjoy and please think of me when you dig into the coconut cream. Yum.
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