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Default Re: Christmas Dinner Menu ~ What's yours?

Hey Carol, that sounds great! Have fun while you cook. I guess I mix a little of my family traditions with some new additions of my own. Here are the vittles I plan to fix for my bunch.
Big Butterball Turkey (with the little hickey that pops out when the inside says it's done)

Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham (already prepared, just pop in the oven fer a spell)

Chicken and Dumplins (homemade, rolled out, flour splattered everywhere)

Baked Macaroni and Cheese (the best old fashioned recipe from my late Aunt, cheese grated on a grater til your fingers are scraped to pieces)

Mashed Taters with Milk Gravy (really mashed by hand because my mixer wore out last night and the local stores will be sold out by the time I get to go huntin one tomorrow)

Old Fashioned Dressing (not worth the time and all the ingredients it takes to make it, but I'd have folks protestin if I didn't)

Cut Italian Beans (poured out of a can)

Candied Yams (real live sweet potatoes made from a "secret" recipe from my Grannie)

Buttermilk Biscuits (made from scratch by Mary B's, direct from the freezer section in WalMart)

Red Velvet Cake (the most delicious family favorite ever, made from scratch, if you want the recipe, PM me and I'll be glad to share it)

Strawberry Pie (yep, it's homemade too. Who ever thought that 7 up made such a difference?)

Pumpkin Pie (fresh pumpkin is best, but I had to resort to canned pumpkin, but it's the best pumpkin pie recipe that I've ever tried, and I've tossed a lot of em in the trash)

Well, th th that's all folks. By the way, I just put out a new cookbook for old fashioned southern recipes, so if anyone's interested, PM me and I'll be happy to share the recipes. Happy Eatin Yall!
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