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Default Re: ContRact for Contact

Originally Posted by Jonathon View Post
I can tell you that I am working on the very things you speak of in an active way. My only real concern now is balance... finding the time and energy to do everything that I see needs to be done. That's nothing new for me, however. I'm a master as spreading myself thin.

Believe me there are others working just as diligently and hard to see things through to the new age. There is much to do, however I expect reinforcements will start showing up when enough of us set the example and the lurking "awake and aware" finally crawl out of the dungeon they have placed themselves in (whether consciously or not). My dungeon walls came down a few months ago... and wow was it liberating! I'm now energetic, excited and filled with hope and boldness. My truth has come and continues to unfold a lighted path. I can only wish the same for all.

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