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Default Re: ContRact for Contact

When I see homeless people sleeping in the rain, then see a grown man get a new 150 million dollar contract to play a kids game…I feel despair. When politicians tell his/her city that there is no money in the budget so he/she can continue slashing jobs, axing schools and raising taxes…then turn around granting tax exempt bonds and use tax funds to build brand new sport complexes…this is when I feel despair. When millions of dollars are spent campaigning on a single individual to be a higher profile politician while kids starve and raise themselves because their parents work 2 to 3 jobs…I feel despair. When the world is in need of educated people, but the education is inaccessible because of its ridiculous price tag and favoritism…I feel despair. When I see our governments send other peoples children to die in wars over nonsense and hidden agendas…I feel despair. While the average person’s daily experiences involve blessings and lessons, but the daily news and news channels would rather relay nothing but turmoil and despair…how do you expect the average person to feel? But, I do know it’s a set up, it just hurts watching others feeling it without a clue to knowing why they are.

We all need each other because we all possess something that the other needs. How important that something is depends on how YOU use it. Exceptional creatures we are. Every last one of us is winners. In the beginning we all excitedly raced against billions, we all swam with no arms or legs to get to that one egg. Champions, privilege to experience the experience. But too often we’re distracted, tricked into adorning weaknesses, marinating our intentions in grief...until a degree of suicide is met. Yes, it’s depressing.
However, I’ am very optimistic, because I know once we all understand what’s really going on…there will be undeniable beauty for the eyes to behold. No one should ever fear helping others. There’s a priceless joy in sharing and caring. If you put your life on the line to help someone and if that someone recognizes your intent…he/she will unconsciously put their life on the line to save yours, sought of like jumping in the way of a bullet. We do this all the time on various scales, it’s our true nature. We have to stop worrying, stop focusing on the images we don’t want. Don’t be afraid of problems because problems can not exist with out solutions. Don’t let someone else’s experiences influence you and yours, or define your true purpose. It’s essential that you be you so you can contribute in your own special way. We are behind schedule because we follow blindly and then become upset and discourage when things don’t go OUR way. Lol.
We are all followers to a stint; the problem is that most of us just don’t know when to cut the leash, they’re afraid to be them selves because of constant brainwashing.
I have a good feeling about EVERYONE here at PA/PC. It’s rare finding a place with so much love, wisdom and great potential. Thanks to all of you keep up the great work

As we stroll thru the rain, weathering the storm…don’t forget to take a moment to taste a rain drop
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