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Default Re: ContRact for Contact

Wow so much to respond to here... locking in my post here so I can edit in one thing at a time to each of you. Let me 1st say before I start how much I appreciate your collective presence here. The 1st step to harmony is participation. Further know that I do not believe in right and wrong here, only unity. However that doesn't mean that I won't challenge your positions - just means I do it with love and respect, for through the challenge may we all come to a better understanding.

We need a group-think here. This requires positive contribution from everyone, where positive is defined as bringing the spirit of higher vibration. I.E. I want to know what you support, not what you reject. There is no-thing devoid of a solution. Should we fail to come to consensus here, nothing is lost nor wasted unless we walk away feeling disharmonious and dejected.

Couple of quick notes here to consider:
1) It is likely that disclosure and contact will happen regardless of anything that happens here. This could be in a positive form (I tend to feel more connected to this camp) or a negative form (most would agree that this type has already been going on for a good while without any participation by the public). You could have the opportunity here to have a voice in how, where, when and under what conditions. Or you could simply defer that responsibility through rejection, argument and/or silence to some other group who may or may not have your best interests in mind, as has likely been going on for some time now.

2) There is nothing to fear. You are a sovereign being with the intelligence and wisdom (hopefully) to believe what you know, know what you believe and act from a place of faith, honor, integrity and responsibility. Communicating with our brothers and sisters from this space is an act of loving acceptance and joyful reunion (in some cases). In no case does this mean you are giving up who and what you are... regardless of their intentions. We can speculate all day about what could happen, however the truth is in the experience. I, for one, wish to engage in this experience with the best intentions and assumptions while at the same time preparing as best I can for anything and everything with as many outs as I need to give myself. This is mere preparation... not the state of my consciousness.

"What if they are black satanic demons from hell with plasma beam weapons that zap your innards into crisco and they set fire to the whole planet while we sweep up the bone cinders!"

Why don't we just go dig a hole now because they don't need us to sign up for that if that's what they have planned (forgive the inflected sarcasm). Have a little faith. That could have been done ages ago. Would you rather act like a sovereign and talk to them or hide in your basement with a box of dwindling rations and a jug of dirty water?

3) "What if this message isn't even for real?" Does it matter? I could have written this on a beverage napkin at a bar last year. Does that change any of the evidence that disclosure and contact on a large scale are coming? Do you believe that it changes the intention of this group? Of course it doesn't.

4) There is a possibility here that beings are fed up with trying to work with our corrupt governments and have decided to finally move on to the people as a whole. Should this be the case, I say about time. The suits in Washington do not answer for me on this matter. Perhaps they have waited for us to stand up and claim our sovereignty - removing the negative elites from power and reestablishing ourselves as a united front for peace and prosperity. Well, while there are some of us who are doing just that... some for years and years, it has not come to full fruition at this point. So many sleepers. Perhaps they see our struggles and also see what we are up against better than we are able. Perhaps they feel the time may be right... if we could just come to some kind of consensus and unify. Yet here we are... but a small mirror of the society at large. Disconnected. Ambiguous. Apathetic. Argumentative. If we can't do it here people, don't look for it to happen outside of here. Perhaps WE are the heroic probability... with the potential to bring a catalyst so great, that the impact if felt throughout the universe. Can you feel that? I know I can. My heart aches for it. God's plan unfolds though us. US! We are the mighty hand. We are the plan.

In absence of fear, what does your heart truly tell you? When I BE... this is where I AM. This isn't about them. It's about us. I don't need a savior - I'm going to be just fine. I'm just doing the work that my heart compels me to do. What say you?
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OK - on to responses. Hope I can muster up enough fortitude here... getting sleepy!

Originally Posted by viking View Post
Hi Jonathan ...

You know exactly where I stand with this...

Love the title by the way!

Thank you Viking for your support. I appreciate the good energy.

Originally Posted by Tango View Post
You also know where I stand on Contact.....

We need to fix things first.

Originally Posted by mntruthseeker View Post
we must fix things first and they know it

They just need to "show up" to wake up more of us and we will manage just fine.

Sure we can run to them and then once we are in their crafts they will incinerate us just as mentioned in the last Alex Collier video I seen which was made by his friend Michael.

They have thousands of years to figure out how to fool the people, what makes anyone think they didnt plan on getting more of them to show up and join the fun. We must take over on our own.
What is it precisely that needs to be fixed and what do you plan to do about it?

How exactly are we running to them and what does Alex Collier's video have to do with us? How does one protect from being fooled? It's really pretty simple - covered this in my long post on the original thread. There is nothing we can't request or hold in the agreement. As stated previously, if they didn't need our free-will decision, they wouldn't ask. Creating a free-will termination arrangement under whatever circumstances we deem necessary is simple. We can make it as tight as we want. If they renig, they lose that will whether we are aware they did it or not - they would still be in dishonor and without that will. Further, what leads you to believe they are negative? Speculate all you want, but there is only one way to find out, and fear of contact isn't it.

What does taking over on our own mean to you? Does this agreement not facilitate this very thing? Are we not proposing to unify and take control of this situation by creating our own terms? How does this limit us in that capacity? Look, if you don't want their help, then that's OK by me. Perhaps we should simply request an informal "How do ya do?". Like I said, there is nothing that can't be worked out in such a way that your fears are met with solutions.

Originally Posted by waitinginthewings View Post
Jonaathan: thank you for taking the time to draft a contract. I am all for first contact, so you can include me. My belief is that if we don't make first contact with these beings, how will we know what we are missing out on. The divine creator has many ways of helping his children who are floundering & I believe sees fit at this point to send in those chosen for the task. It is foolish to speculate that these beings have an agenda without any evidence of such. Is that not sentencing them without first a trial, to hear the evidence? Funny how you are all so full of positivity but when it comes to the subject of ET's all the negative fear comes out. How about applying all that positive talk to the ET's & project a good outcome.

We can go within till the cows come home, but things are getting worse on the planet. We are at a critical point now & how do you know that ET help has "not" been included in the Divine Plan for humanity. We need to get over our fears & at the very least have the courage to greet them & ask all the questions you want....then use your discernment.
Yes I tend to agree here. As far as where we are on the whole, I'm not certain. I do know things are better that most of us think. The media fear hat-trick gets most of us in a negative space. All I know with regard to this matter is there is a chance it could happen. Why not greet this event with love - could be a grand opportunity to share. I don't know that I buy into the whole philosophy of "don't sail your ships west boys... you might get eaten by a giant sea dragon or fall off the side of the earth" or "those injuns are savages boys... avoid at all costs and shoot on sight" - I think these are programmed responses based mostly in fear. I'm all for communication. Doesn't mean I'm inviting them over to babysit my children. Mamma didn't raise no fool as the saying goes.

Originally Posted by Peace of mind View Post
Humans are babies; (well, at least the Earth bound ones). Our actions are like those of children. We fight over things that are in abundance, we try to out do each other due to envy instead of progress, we with hold from each other the very things that will improve each other. We would rather befriend unknown beings before our own kind.

We may be doomed because of the lack of commitment. We may be doomed because some do not know what to do because of their lack of information, understanding, and logical proof. I would love to see everyone contributing to a brighter future. Sad to say that most of the ones that are in the know just sit back dictating… instead of being the example. They are very important to our future. But, I hardly see any whistleblowers or so called light workers in public or behind the scenes doing much, if they are; they are either in disguise or procrastinating, or are just too few of them to notice. And it doesn’t help when their efforts are minimum, messages are vague, and evidence is lacking. Claiming you are of the light or a whistle blower, but is too afraid to publicize it to the needed masses only shows me the real truth about you. Hopefully, if they are real, they will not emerge from their hiding places too late, like within the last hour.
I’ve been practicing righteousness for a while and studied metaphysics for as long as I can remember. Everyday I’m doing something uplifting or schooling someone to the benefits of positive thinking. I don’t sit around complaining, waiting for others, or empowering unknown entities. I have many people ready to hit various outlets with various forms of enlightenment and possibly disclosure. But I / we need adequate proof. I surf the net, read all kinds of literature, and talk with people from all parts of the globe. There’s a lot of info out there, much of it is very very interesting, but I will not be responsible for advancing BS.
I’m very passionate about this world and its many inhabitants. I would rather die knowing I put effort into saving this beautiful place then to wake up everyday wondering what’s up or what’s going down. Why do people yearn for something but put very little effort into manifesting it? They always want someone else or strange beings to do for them what they can do for themselves. It’s no wonder why ETs are hesitant to help. It’s the laziness, hopelessness, and fear to fight for what’s right. We’re predictable in our negativity but not so much in positivity. If I was looking down on this rock, I’ll be uncertain too knowing I might become a babysitter or the scapegoat when someone or thing needs to be blamed. I would want no parts of helping humanity until they recognize their potential, or make honest attempts at helping themselves. Until we (humans) are proactive in what we want, stand up for equality of life and stop being contradicting…we will get nowhere….fast. Play your part and we will all be fine…no matter what threatens us. Talk the talk or walk the walk.

Really great post here, although I sense despair. I'm with you in more ways than I can get into here. My daily exercise is to bring light to the people - each in a special way. I'm a healer disguised as a therapist =P We carry that wherever we go and it has an impact on all those around us. I totally agree that we are children... children trying to grow up and take responsibility and make claim for their God-given inheritance. Does that mean it's limited to this time and this place and these people? How could it be?

Do you really think there is such a thing as the final hour? Hope and Faith eternal my friend. When called upon to act, we must act - therein lies our power. Darkness is a mere illusion that compels you to choose. Love it and it will transform to light.

Yes we have been predictable... with every opportunity to change it at every given moment. So here we are I'm walking, brother, I'm walking. My shadow side says, "forget it - these debtors are lost", however my light side says, "take a walk with me a while brother..."

Walk with me a while and let's see where this goes.

To be continued...

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