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Default Re: ContRact for Contact

Humans are babies; (well, at least the Earth bound ones). Our actions are like those of children. We fight over things that are in abundance, we try to out do each other due to envy instead of progress, we with hold from each other the very things that will improve each other. We would rather befriend unknown beings before our own kind.

We may be doomed because of the lack of commitment. We may be doomed because some do not know what to do because of their lack of information, understanding, and logical proof. I would love to see everyone contributing to a brighter future. Sad to say that most of the ones that are in the know just sit back dictating… instead of being the example. They are very important to our future. But, I hardly see any whistleblowers or so called light workers in public or behind the scenes doing much, if they are; they are either in disguise or procrastinating, or are just too few of them to notice. And it doesn’t help when their efforts are minimum, messages are vague, and evidence is lacking. Claiming you are of the light or a whistle blower, but is too afraid to publicize it to the needed masses only shows me the real truth about you. Hopefully, if they are real, they will not emerge from their hiding places too late, like within the last hour.
I’ve been practicing righteousness for a while and studied metaphysics for as long as I can remember. Everyday I’m doing something uplifting or schooling someone to the benefits of positive thinking. I don’t sit around complaining, waiting for others, or empowering unknown entities. I have many people ready to hit various outlets with various forms of enlightenment and possibly disclosure. But I / we need adequate proof. I surf the net, read all kinds of literature, and talk with people from all parts of the globe. There’s a lot of info out there, much of it is very very interesting, but I will not be responsible for advancing BS.
I’m very passionate about this world and its many inhabitants. I would rather die knowing I put effort into saving this beautiful place then to wake up everyday wondering what’s up or what’s going down. Why do people yearn for something but put very little effort into manifesting it? They always want someone else or strange beings to do for them what they can do for themselves. It’s no wonder why ETs are hesitant to help. It’s the laziness, hopelessness, and fear to fight for what’s right. We’re predictable in our negativity but not so much in positivity. If I was looking down on this rock, I’ll be uncertain too knowing I might become a babysitter or the scapegoat when someone or thing needs to be blamed. I would want no parts of helping humanity until they recognize their potential, or make honest attempts at helping themselves. Until we (humans) are proactive in what we want, stand up for equality of life and stop being contradicting…we will get nowhere….fast. Play your part and we will all be fine…no matter what threatens us. Talk the talk or walk the walk.

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