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Default Re: ContRact for Contact

Jonaathan: thank you for taking the time to draft a contract. I am all for first contact, so you can include me. My belief is that if we don't make first contact with these beings, how will we know what we are missing out on. The divine creator has many ways of helping his children who are floundering & I believe sees fit at this point to send in those chosen for the task. It is foolish to speculate that these beings have an agenda without any evidence of such. Is that not sentencing them without first a trial, to hear the evidence? Funny how you are all so full of positivity but when it comes to the subject of ET's all the negative fear comes out. How about applying all that positive talk to the ET's & project a good outcome.

We can go within till the cows come home, but things are getting worse on the planet. We are at a critical point now & how do you know that ET help has "not" been included in the Divine Plan for humanity. We need to get over our fears & at the very least have the courage to greet them & ask all the questions you want....then use your discernment.
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