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Default Re: Who owns The Bank of England...

you are right , it can be taken as contradictory
havent slept much these last few days.

however it means the system now referred to as Marxism has been around for several thousands of years, under various names prior to the 19th Cent. where a dysfunctional addict was paid off by his wealthy father to stay away from the rest of the family.

It is British/Israelite system in 20th cent lingo but still same OLD HIDDEN HAND using Brit elites to run the programs for other nations to folllow.

Marxism,Illuminati, New School, Chicago School, Frankfurt School, British/Israelite, its all same stuff that changes whenever Tavistock says its research shows the masses are seeing thru the current programs and same programs need a coat of paint, new tires and that "new car" spray smell to sell SLAVERY once again to the masses so they stop asking questions and just slave away for as long as the new programs work. Give them some technology to make life SEEM easier and they will keep quiet !

New School pyschology based on Freud and Maslow.

I am of the thinking that many of those people did contribute SOME to
the advancement of human thinking, but IMV they did far more damage than what good and are still doing so currently.

It was in the 18th cent that Britain fell under the sway of the system that came to be kown as Marxism or Jacobinism . I am not trying to denigrate Britain or Europe, I am proud of my European heritage. But to let it go unchallenged that Europe didnt have ths same trouble and still does is not possible. All nations of certain GENES are being systematically taken over by that nasty system by whatever name, and America is the latest on its agenda after it firmly grabbed all of Europe. This is what Putin is staving off for Russia and why some see Russia as savior of humanity in this terrible age of Kali Yuga.

Lets send good vibes to the People of Russia. I have been privileged to know many and MOST are fine persons. If most of Russia is the same, the way Russia goes will certainly be a vital action for healing in this increasingly chaotic era.( Edgar Cayce & Alice Bailey )

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