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Default Re: Who owns The Bank of England...


with respect for your beliefs;

Europe is the HOME of Marxism and Britain fell to that control even before
Marx was born . The British/Israeli System as it is NOW called was firmly
entrenched in Britain by mid 18th Cent. It spread and poisoned the minds of
the common folk and as the Great Houses fell to hard times engineered by
that very conspiracy nobles married conversos and Britains 1,000 year old
families went to the tainted beliefs so they could goon even as servants to
the new moneyed ones and their scurrilous ways. "My Titles for your money
to save my families estates " became the order of the generation.

The City, that soverign territory just NW of London, ( where Tavistock
has many learning and R&D stations )is the seat of that
long estalished entity and from where comes the orders to USA/Israel/France/Germany/Australia, or as some of us call it the ZOG's.

There is also now a soverign territory next to Wash DC where the Vatican
owns land same as Vatican City and the City of London as they are both
RCC, or judaic founded and benefitting, ie; they plan and create WARS,
divisions, conflicts, HATE , and most of all the systematic suppresion of
women who are but BREEDERS for futrure conflicts and wars.

So it is a pattern. TYRANNY creating soverign lands and establishing
so solid as to seemingly be immovable. ( dont fall for that belief )
The crown in that long working plan was the Congress approval of the
Vaticans ownership of that piece of land in DC. The HAND behind all this is
so secure in its beliefs it thinks we are finally all rounded up and penned in.

Its poison has made even many of its shills and acolytes insane so it is
leaking from all the cracks that UNIVERSAL CYCLES are spinnig round it
and IT WILL FALL. It may take another one to two hundred years to
happen but it is dissolving even now.

WE can speedd that up if we choose. Its by using our own magick as
individuals and collectively. RELIGIONS stand in that path intimidating
people from remembering our MAGICK and USING IT.

So Europe went down slowly and subtly just as America, but it was a
longer processs while tryanny got its ducks lined up and practiced methods
to do this performance here in only two humdred years !

Time to take back control.

PS When the Vatican forced the British Crown to CANCEL the
MAGNA CARTA it also forced the Crown to cede all of Britain and her
territories to the Vatican. Prior to that britain had made a hidden tract
taking back America to British ownership just a few mos after the
Constitutoion was validated in 1787. So we Americans went from
Brit subjects to a short freedom and back to Brit sujects and onto
being subjects of the Vatican. Its all online byway of resarches.

Over the last ten years I learned these facts by following
links and searching for sources. I did not record any of them.

s c ~

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