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Default Re: Who owns The Bank of England...

follow the bread crumbs to the center
of the maze were u can see the
whole pattern...and then TPTB will destroy you.

obama is putting forth this very scenario

American taxpayers will finance the redistribution of whats
left of our own provender to every hungry person all over
the globe!

just doling out our largesse as we sink ito the same conditions
Pure Marxist Theory as a religion established by the
Chicago School of Politics and the guiding hand of
Leo Strauss from where obama got his own particular
programmmng. so did hillary & bubba. bubba is considered
to be a Rothschild from one of his mamas many indiscretions.
do a search.

mcmadman is wearing a different pair of shoes,
but the bread crumbs lead to the same source ,
Marxist Socialism.
The differencss are done by make up and dirty mirrors.
As the thousands of years planning is coming to a head
we are increasingly able to see there is no substantive

we can only survive as humans if we stop trying to FORCE the
creative ones among us to give up all their EARNED revenues
to FREELY support those who need to be taught by their
people/leaders to support /feed themselves and only breed as
many offspring as they can comfortably care for.

Only a system that alllows the best and the brightest to rise to
leadership by MERIT only can withstand and flex with the growing
needs of a HEALTHY PEOPLE. Any other is tyranny.

There in lies the great chasm between Marxist Socialism and
NATIONAL Socialism. s c

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