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Default Re: Police Raid Private Barbecue birthday party

Originally Posted by TruthWillSetUFree View Post
A similar thing happened to my 18 year old daughter.

She and her best friends boyfriend 'kidnapped' her for her 18th birthday.
She had a blindfold on and they put a shirt in her mouth. They were in the car clearly having fun as she was pulling it off and joking, then 6 police cars surrounded them and pulled them over.

Thank God none of them were tazed but after my daughter apologized and explained what they were doing she jokingly said well I guess you can handcuff me to make it more real to which the officer replied yes we should. my daughter just glared at him for such a stupid needless remark and he walked away.

The woman police was more understanding but she said yeah we can't do this kind of thing anymore she said it borders on disorderly conduct.

WTF is happening to this place?
you know I think the cops did the right thing...It was for the sake of your daughter...what IF she was really kidnapped? Cops are out there to save the innocent from *******s...Don't forget we are living in the year 2009 not the same as the good old days where everyone in the neighborhood knew everyone..

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