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Default Re: Who owns The Bank of England...

I'm a bit amazed no one mentioned that whenever someone loses money on the market someone makes money on the derivatives. So, basically they take from their left hand and move it into off-shore accounts into their right hand, and it's all planned.

There is an estimated 600 trillion that was made in this present economic downturn, and the American people are sending trillions overseas via the treasury who answers to the Federal Reserve.

It's only the cows at the bottom, the sheeple, who are left with nothing. The US government and state governments own a majority stock in almost every national and international company. All these assets are kept off general budget and are hidden in plain sight in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. These thieves have stolen the money from the pension funds via sinking the stocks but selling them short in derivatives. The Fed. Res. owns America, and the club of Rome controls it all.
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