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Default Re: Ask BILL and KERRY

Hello Bill and Kerry,

I would like to start as many others have by saying thank you. Your inspiring work has set my life in a new direction, given me a new-found purpose, and changed me (for the better) in many ways. So for this, and so much more, I thank you; my gratitude is more than words can express.

My question to you is whether or not you have viewed either of Alex Collier's videos on the Andromedans. Alex claims to be a multiple abductee at the hands of these benevolent beings, and his testimony has brought me nothing but the strongest thoughts of hope, love and light.

There has been a thread started about him here on the Camelot part of the forums; there is a link to his original 1994 interview where he describes multiple alien races, and some of his encounters with the Andromedans.

This second link is his most recent video to date, done in May of this year. I believe it's some sort of UFO conference. Here he goes into more detail about his encounters with the Andromedans, and sheds light on their thoughts on the future of the human race and our current situation.

I would ask, as a personal favour, that you take the time to watch these videos if you have not already, ESPECIALLY the second one, and share your opinion on what he preaches. Does anything he says ring true to anything you have seen/heard in your own experiences?

Once again, thank you for all you have done, I look forward to your reply


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