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Smile Re: Notes from an exsperiencer

Originally Posted by David View Post
Thank you Wormhole & Visvasa144 for your kind comments and words of wisdom.
our pleasure

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In my early teens, I was an avid hunter and loved every moment of it. The excitement of the kill and the love of nature put me at home and at one with whom we are. Soon after the abductions started, I found it more and more difficult to pull that trigger. The hesitation of pulling that trigger was caused by a gradual increase of empathness?
clairsentience, nice. do you know how rare it is for a male to have this ability. im sure yours needs more developing but the building blocks are their.
clairsentience is an ability i have always had. you can do a lot of good with this ability. more women have this then men but more and more men are getting this ability back. its an aspect of the divine feminine energy. i was told that less then 4% or .4% of the males on this planet have this ability. it will grow with everyone being able to nurture this aspect of themselves if they choose.

so if you have this ability then the Heavenly Catalyst will help you develop it even more. when you do the meditation you create a sphere of light that you then light your entire being with. you can do it one chakra at a time or body part or whatever you feel is best. their is no right way. their is only a way in which you feel works best for you. the more and more you do this the stronger, compassionate, and more able to radiate, at will, this frequency that changes everything it touches, everything.

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I will never have that innocent view of the world again. Even though it causes pain to everyone that caries this kind of knowledge, I would never trade it in. The path I chose early on in life, has help me be the person I am today and would not change a thing. The trick now, is to figure out why.
yeah i can understand that you want the answer to that question and that will be in due time. you sent the intention out from your soul being and because of the way the universal IS, this answer will come to you. now in the mean time what are you going to do? just my suggestion but do everything you can to develop yourself in all aspects of your life and being and character. you will know when its time to know. the important thing is to keep healing. it will happen.

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I would not call myself a vegetarian. I may go for a couple weeks without eating meat. During this time, the smell of meat is fowl to me and want to gag. Then there are the times when a big juicy steak is all I crave.
thats very interesting. when i first got put into my program i innately went vegetarian. what i feel is that your higher self is already helping you out with this aspect of yourself. the thing is that REMOTE INFLUENCING is very powerful. do you know what R.I. is? look it up. it is very very powerful and many GOV. agencies, black magicians and evil off world entities use this form of control. its so subtle that you may think or even feel that it is you that wants to eat meat. but from my experience its really not your true being that craves eating another beings flesh. ask yourself why when you get really strong urges to do something.

when you eat meat from an animal you take on all the pain and fear that animal has experienced at the time of death. so this energy gets into your field. you become susceptible to these lower vibrations. they can use this against you and they are, against most of the worlds population.

heres the thing. the Gov. and off world evil beings do not like the fact that i am and most spiritual people are vegetarians. you gain abilities when your a vegetarian.

are you by any military bases? or langley?

take care,
elias visvasa
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