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Post Re: Ask BILL and KERRY


Thanks for adding such value to the site by answering member questions directly.

With regards to parallel timelines, do you believe these timelines exist only in the etheric planes of our own conciousness, or are they actual 3D timelines that we could travel back and forth from? I have always thought that timelines viewed on "looking glass" type devices were purely etheric in nature, and were only presenting other possible or probable futures, not the "actual" future.

Not sure if that is clear, but I guess it all ties in to the idea that the only thing that actually exists is the "here and now". All other realities are just possible or probable outcomes.

If you believe these timelines to be real 3D existences/environments, are there seperate entities, or souls occupying other parallel me's? Is my physical body being controlled by another soul in an alternative reality right now?

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