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Default Deleted threads in PROJECT CAMELOT WITNESSES area

Hi, All:

We've been snowed under with messages reporting (and asking why) the threads in the PROJECT CAMELOT WITNESSES areas have disappeared.

This has happened accidentally, and we're looking for ways to (easily!) restore them. All data is backed up, but restoration is not an instant job. Please bear with us.

Henry Deacon did delete his own area, which was his right to do so. I first discovered the wider problem myself when I went to post an update on PROJECT CAMELOT ON LOCATION and couldn't find it anywhere!

We do apologize, and please bear with us.

Regarding the new forum, we have received many messages from GROUND CREW members expressing strong support for our restated focus. Our interview yesterday with George Green served to underline that.

We're working hard on editing our very powerful and important video interview with Miriam Delicado, and when you see that - and it really is mandatory viewing for all Ground Crew - the point will be strongly reinforced. The retrospective parts of Project Camelot material (9/11, ufology history, etc) are fascinating... but pale into lesser importance when we consider we may be faced with real current issues that may affect every one of us quite soon.

Very best to all - Bill
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