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Default Re: Was i contected? or what?

The fear factor is brought up because 'putting it away' after the fact is irrelevant.

The laws of one world are not those of the other.

Fear while in their world, while the consciousness is displaced to that location, is an open flank. The fear is easily put away once back, since the connection with the spirit is redone when back.

The absence of fear is the only shield.

If you do not fear, you will have no problem to challenge any form coming to you, be it cloaked in the apparently purest coat of light or the darkest hue of malice.

The absence of fear is the certainty of the certainty. It is the total absence of doubt. It is the only peace of mind, the only peace.

Also, fear is the stuff of that realm of which the soul is prisoner on this planet. It is the tool of the dead. Without it, they are powerless to contain the consciousness of the living to the experimental conditioning they support.

Fear is one aspect of human experience that must be understood at all cost.
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