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Default Re: Notes from an exsperiencer

Originally Posted by David View Post
MEMORY 26 (5-18-09)

Itís hard for me to say exactly what happened last night. My health is in question and not sure how to take it. I woke up in the middle of a conversation but could not open my eyes. There was a female doctor with a very nice voice who was telling a male that I should have cancer but she could not explain why I do not.

Yes, I smoke so I would assume that is a possibility for cancer but this is not what the conversation was pointing to. It seemed as if I was exposed to get cancer from some other means. By them or what I donít know but they seemed disappointed. When I tried to open my eyes they noticed I was awake and then I blacked out.

Last nights abduction was different from the others. I did not feel a presence from them and they used spoken words for communication. Is there another group involved that wished to see me disappear or is this paranoia? Death does not bother me. I worry about my family without me to help support them but this body is only a doll.

For 3 months now I have been refusing to eat red meat. The smell and taste of it gags me. To top it off, if I were to eat red meat I get sever stomach cramps and feel horrible for the next couple days. I can eat chicken but it teeters on the edge of red meat and for fish I have no problem eating it. My main sources of food now are veggies, pasta and bread. Is this related some how? This did not start happening until after my last abduction by the reptilian on 2-9-09. Are the reptilian abductions helping to remove any cancer or is it the change in diet?
I think they are helping you get rid of the cancer. It's surprising what is going on with you yet I've heard stories of others who were healed or whose health improved from their ET interactions.
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