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Default Re: Notes from an exsperiencer

Hi David - I'm a bit reluctant to offer a suggestion, but I'll offer it anyway. It's a technique that's worked for me. Please let me know if it resonates at all. If so, I'll elaborate if it's helpful.

It's very easy to feel, then be, 'disembodied' in spiritual dimensions. A thing I learned about 20 years ago was to tether myself to my solar plexus/gut area. That 'tether' is ethereal, imagined but always 'lands' me on my butt, my back or wherever I am, i.e. in a chair, lying in bed, like catching a fish on my own line.

Then, to get the mind with my body... it might be knowing my breathing, sensing my toes, feeling the sensation of the sheets if I'm in bed, letting my body tell me which muscles want stretching.

When awake, I do at times take time to self-talk, but as an observer. "I am turning on the tap, blending the hot now with the cold, ah pleasant, lift dish, soap it, to the rack." It sounds stupid, but it ties actions to my mind. If necessary, it also displaces any other goings-on of the day, if it's a bad day - the mundane seems very useful then.

Note: I don't wash the dishes differently, i.e. not reverentially! though I may think about the river the water is from - and they need to be done anyway.

Mind, body, spirit are partners in our life. I like to give similar thought to all the air, the journeys of the food on my table. I'm not a purist. I like to think on fishermen when I eat sardines, as well as the sardines, the factory workers, the delivery people, the supermarket shelf stockers, tin can designers... it all adds up.

Maybe I'm just weird.
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