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Default Re: Notes from an exsperiencer

This is a great read.. thanks for taking the time to share...

One odd experience.. that happened soon after my sightings started..
I was using blower after cutting lawn.. standing in the middle of the street
blowing the grass back towards my curb..blower was going full throttle..

all of the sudden in my left ear I heard A mans voice calmly say... "HEY"...
I about jumped outta my skin and spun around to see who it was...
there was nobody there... The gas powered blower is loud at full throttle..
But yet I heard it as if someone put their mouth to my ear.. cristal clear...
and the blower seemed tobe background noise for that precise moment..
almost muted..

I dont know about medatation and the things you people speek of..
But I want to learn more in hopes it will allow me to advance my contacts
to another level.. I have alot of questions rergarding my experiences..
recently ive been thinking that i need some new skill sets..

Ive bought some books on remote viewing.. astral projection..and hypnosis..
but its been hard to find time to get to them w/ all thats going on in my life..

Ide welcome any comments or advice..

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