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Default Re: Notes from an exsperiencer

Originally Posted by David View Post
Hi Visvasa144, you are right, they are testing me and it seems every time I figure out one trick, they pull another one on me. It gets really frustrating because I know exactly what is happening to me when I catch them. Then I go blind but still conscious and aware to my surroundings then the imagery is inserted and I zone off into la la land.

I am learning and they keep having to up the ante but one of these days they will run out of cards. I have a trick up my sleeves just as you suggested in your last post and will try it when they come back. Since my last abduction, I have had many thoughts and although harsh, feel as must write them down. Flame me, berate me, it does not matter. I just know I have to say it.
thats how it goes. the battles will evolve. they find your weaknesses until they are healed. its multi-dimensionally layered.

about your blindness..this happens 100% of the time when the abductions begin?
you dont have to see the targe(s) to hit them. you can still hit these goons with the HC. its your intention. you dont have to see them.
my dog became blind later in his years but he developed very keen senses after that. he could still play catch with a ball as long as i threw it on the ground.
this seems like a great opportunity to improve other senses.


soul piece soul piece soul piece soul piece........find someone to help you get them back. im probably not going to tell you again because these agents want me to stop talking about them but again, soul pieces. get them back.

its time.

pm me.
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