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Default Re: Notes from an exsperiencer

Originally Posted by David View Post
I can tell you that I have err am being tampered with and as of lately it seems these "events" are to keep me in "check". Keeping in check for what?...who knows. With the Grays I at least comprehended a little as what they were doing with me. The Reptilians however, they refuse to interact with me while I'm conscious and instead force imagery and interrogate with these visions while they do their business.

Crazy? I have questioned myself too many times over the past year over that one. Whenever I see a UFO, no one is around. Whenever I'm taken, everyone is asleep. It's my dark secret that is rarely heard and never mentioned outside of here.

Nobody, I think we all fit into this category. Not interested in fame, glory or money. Don't want it. Just the truth. That little piece of paper that is given to someone for graduating college is no better that anyone else. I commend you for your self education. The world might be a better place if more people took the initiative.

Mind control is a very real possibility.

I have tried all sorts of protections techniques and nothing has worked.

Keeping my health also seems to be on the Reptilians minds. This last time I was told to stay away from red meat. The smell of it is fowl now and if I do eat it, I get severe stomach cramps. Do you know how difficult it is to change your eating habits just like that? I used to love hamburgers and steaks but now I have been learning to live without it. It's hard!!! Interestingly enough, I have lost 10 pounds since it started.

I have one trusted friend and fellow abductee that I talk to. He and I call and email when new things turn up and compare our experiences. It helps both of us and we actually have one particular experience in common.

I honestly, don't know what to think anymore about it. I used to love looking at the stars and staying out all night with the telescope but's the last thing on my mind and is as if a hobby
I loved has been spoiled. That mystery and excitement is gone.
whats up david? hang in there.
sometimes all the protection techniques arent going to make a difference if you have a weakness to what their doing.
if your consciously not able to recognize a threat when in your dream state because of the masking of emotions to make you feel like its a good thing. maybe you can say to yourself just before you go to sleep that, "I will be conscious in my sleep". tweak it for yourself. when the agents started to get into my dreams you have to want to be ready and not only wanting it is enough. it either comes down to being ready and willing or not. you may not totally be able to stop the abduction but if you are aware that you are awake while sleeping then youve just taken a step forward. just keep trying to improve on your abilities. we all have them. you have, right now the abilities to stop certain things they're doing. you just have to bring it out of youself. theirs nothing that is on your plate that you cant deal with no matter how big or scary or unexplainable the situation may be.
its all a test. its all a game. its all to make you aware of what decisions you've made, right or wrong, good or bad in the past.
when your floating and being taken away obviously, something is not correct in your being or they wouldnt be in your space. karma plays out in various ways. past life actions through contracts or stolen soul pieces can allow these goons into your field. the greys and reps. most likely have your pieces and are operating under your own will because...i know this may sound harsh but you have agreed to this in past lives or through hypnosis in the dream state. the reps. are pretty arrogant and tricky. then again so are the grays. then again so are the dark humans on this planet.
this is whats going on with me and hopefully you can get some insight about your own situation. over the last couple of months the grays have been in their ships trying to keep implants on me. during soul recovery sessions we go after them. we usually remove the implants and get my soul piece(s) back and who ever else's are karmically tied to them. before we can get the soul piece off their ship the life or lives when the soul piece was taken will appear and play out. after the heavenly catalyst is applied to all involved the soul piece will appear bright and ready to be returned to its rightful owner.
i dont know what it is like to be abducted. i dont want to come off as knowing this or that as fact. all i can share are my experiences and hopefully their is something in them that you can apply with loving kindness.
you know im always up front with you. when youve tried everything that you could possibly try and you havent gone anywhere then what do you do? do you sit their and say well maybe someday this will be fixed. or maybe they will leave me alone someday. or maybe i feel or think its almost over. whatever thoughts and feelings of the future you have put all the future energy into the now. right now.
their is someone that can help you. you just have to find them. i commend you for being strong.

you can become so much stronger then you can imagine.
thats what their scared of. this doesnt exist. that cant be done. who really knows what or what cant be done except you. its really fun finding out what is possible.

sometimes the agents tell me to come back to reality or separate fantasy from fact. i say i cant separate fantasy from fiction. this is my dream.

With this breath I create a sphere of light with Spell and Contract Cancel from all Lifetimes. All Contracts, Vows, Spells and Agreements you may have entered into that is NOT for your Highest Good.

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