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Default Re: Notes from an exsperiencer

I'm just a 'nobody person' meaning that I'm not a professional and am mostly self educated. That said, I would offer that you consider that these thoughts/memories may have been planted/downloaded into your mind.

If you've not read Matthew Delooze, I am suggesting that you check out his work. He's another "nobody" sort that had a life changing flood of abduction memories come to mind some yrs back.... And, I'm mindful to mention that he entertains the 'brilliant' (in my view) idea (after his Recall happened as suddenly as yours) that these "memories" were implanted via whatever technology (Swerdlow tells that it's by way of satellite transmission among other techs)... the theory being that ALL humans are mind controlled in a general fashion via the media & learned societal norms.... then there are those that a a bit harder to crack and are specifically targeted, perhaps 5%. It does not mean nor matter that you are "somebody important" or just a 'nobody' sort...

put that together w/pharmaceuticals that are prescribed by conventional medical doctors and placed in our food & water... ok, let me not start a ramble.

Please consider that you have been tampered with. What to do? Look into protection techniques via tones, color & hyperspace geometrics. Try to recognize your true thoughts vs those coming in that are NOT yours...

You are probably NOT crazy...
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