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Default Re: Rectangular UFO ?

Originally Posted by Shadowstalker View Post
Awesome , i love it
Looks a little bit like the Annunaki's Mothership of Mr Arthur Neumann
(Henry Deacon )in one of Project Camelot's PDF...And also this>"Beginning in late 1989, a definite UFO "flap" converged on Belgium, with the majority of the sightings occurring in the vicinity of Wallonia. For some time from that point on, literally thousands of people reported seeing triangular aircraft in the Belgian skies, exhibiting flight characteristics which simply cannot be explained, with regard to mundane terrestrial aircraft. Unlike previous flaps, these accounts generated report after report of what, in essence, was exactly the same type of craft: RECTANGULAR PLATFORMS or rhombus, and triangles. The eyewitness descriptions have been surprisingly similar in the vast majority of these reports."(

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