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Default Re: ONE Scientific FACT -- Indisputable PROOF

Originally Posted by Pithiny View Post
[SIZE="3"]Mother Nature is "wiring us" with the extra DNA and then in 2012, possibly as we cross the galactic center, the switch activates to the ON position.

Gosh, I hope I'm right! Tell me it's so!

i believe
we all have 24/or 26 strands of dna
that are standard equipment
*just NOT yet totally activated in us

if you are a 3d being
totally activated
you've got 6 strands-in three pairs

(right now, in a 3D world)
you can only see 1 pair
(the rest of them, machinery, can't see)
but, you can

3 d - 6 strand - 3 pairs (that light up)

4 d- 8 strand - 4 pairs (that light up)

5 d 10 strand - 5 pairs(that light up)

6 d 12 strand - 6 pairs(that light up)

7 d 14 strand - 7 pairs(that light up)

8 d 16 strand - 8 pairs(that light up)

9 d 18 strand - 9 pairs(that light up)

10 d 20 strand - 10 pairs(that light up)

11 d 22 strand - 11 pairs (that light up)

12 d 24 strand - 12 pairs(that light up)

13 D 26 strand - 13 pairs (that light up)

when i went through a NDE at 6,
(prior to that, i was a 6D being)
i saw 7 pairs and, was 7D being

when i went through a nde in my 30's
i saw 8 pairs and, was 8D

when i went through a nde in my 40's
i saw 9 pairs -- at this point, i merged with
my 9th Dimensional essence or monad
and, was a 9thD being

(at this point; i also saw
the 19th one light up,
and, now, i am seeing the 20th one lighting up)

also 47 days; prior to these events
i had dreams
about a white/black and red snake
that moved through 13 rooms (in a house)
symbolic of my body ...
and, the black snake, tried to appear white
(and, keep the white snake-in the shadows, so,
it appeared dark)

the red/and, white snakes intertwined,
and, the black snake laid down

i always thought it symbolic
of the lion; who lays down the the lambs

anyway...after the snake went through
the # of room, related to the levels
that i had ascended to --
there was a white lace sheet that was laid over top
of my body

i need to write out this story,
and, place it on a website

i have written about 250,000 pages
have 2500 hrs of channeled tapes,
and have about 250 roadmaps
started at the age of 6
(of which, even i had a hard time
swallowing the comments)

i also drew
a lot of different stars,
as, kid,
precisely with protectors, and, rulers,
esp. venus stars ...
all the time, on almost anything...

anyone else here a doddle-bug ???

The eXchanger
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