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Default Re: usa-john tate/ron paul - urgent

Originally Posted by Kristoffer View Post
I dont know your history here. But ive been in us and i feel that anything thats not what you have now as a healthcare is utter crap.

The "european" way of healthcare is to treat EVERYBODY as equal, it dosent matter if you are homeless or if you live in hollywood. This is compancated with taxmoney, (frankly i dont have a problem with paying 2% more tax to keep the people that need care healthy) and i dont see why you have such a problem with that?

What you have is "only the rich get to be treated" or the people with insuranses whom theyself are pretty rediqiolous since you have to be superman even to be qualifyed for one.

This system of yours is very unfair to the less fortunate once and what you are basicly promoting is to let the poor be sick and die, while you with good jobs can cure ur illnesses.

What i said i live in Sweden, we have always had free healthcare, we dont have to ask for premision to get operated if we need it. We have a dentalsystem so there is a roof on what youre supposed to pay if you have bad teethe, and no, we dont stave to death here cause of high taxes, we live a good,healty life. And so should all humans on the planet have an opporunity to do.

Listening to your interview it just seems that the dude you interviewed was refering to the european system as something bad, why they do we have less infants death for example than you? is it because we are healtyier? may be so.

Im not trying to promote anything here but you both sound like selfish bastards to be honest. As long as noone you know dies ur all good with it, wait until you get unemployed and get cancer, lets see how fun you think it is then.

Cheers Kristoffer
lol, awesome. I am to lazy to listen to the interview, but I know the ron paul point of view. And you have to listen to other interviews by him to see what he is talking about when it comes to the overall picture in relation to the PTB. Either way I like your passion, and I think the U.S. is screwed either way. It just comes back to the age old US question the one that we were raised on, pick the lesser of two evils. What? as a kid I always asked what if they are both evil, well then pick the one thats less evil. lol, really how do I....pick one! then this is followed by if you dont like this country then you can get out. They tooook our jaaaabs!!
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