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I am Anchor,

I have decided (completely free from encouragement and duress) that I can no longer effectively contribute directly to the moderation of this forum under the name Anchor and have resigned from that duty.

It has yet to be decided, but I currently retain access via a separate account in sufficient measure to deal with day to day forum administration emergencies.

From this point forward, no one needs to read my messages as if I have a moderator hat on. I apologise to all that have been upset by the way in which I conducted my moderator duties and those regrettable occasions where my words were given undue authority (unintended by myself) because I had a moderator badge.

I was going to do this earlier but the forum went down, so it had to wait.

A new leaf falls, a new wave rolls in, a new breath is drawn. Breathe with me - we are one.

I love you all. That is truth.

Finally, I call on the love and the light of the one infinite creator to bless guide and protect this fine forum and may it thrive therein.

Anchor.. aka John in real life.
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