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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

-- To assist in your language, please contact John, the translation team co-ordinator, here. Please note that this is not the same John as Kerry referenced on 13 and 15 February below, 'the distinguished Aussie with the cane', whose Facebook page - which I'd not seen before Kerry posted it - publicly states that his friends include Gordon Brown, Hugo Chavez and the Sultan of Brunei, and that he is a supporter of the Likud Party. (If you suspect that I may be making a subtle point here, I am.)

The above was posted by Bill on the PC site yesterday. There seems to be much needling back and forth between Bill and Kerry over direction.

I am interested in all the web redesigns announced previously. It appears that each of them needs their own space, since agreement is in short supply over what is and is not important.

Perhaps PC/PA is getting additional monetary support from benefactors and that Bill/Kerry are devided on how best to use the funds?

Translations, conferences, wed design? Lots going on, but from my vantage point, the videos that work best are the one's where Bill and Kerry work together to pull the most out of a whistleblower. They each bring their unique view to the subject.

The new radio show is a case in point. Without Bill there lacks the "aha" follow up question, which made the earlier videos special.
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