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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by amate View Post
Thank you Abraxasinas for your welcome,

You said Lilith from the Burnley Relief .
I was actually thinking of Inanna from the Burnley Relief

Dear amate!

Once you have become familiar with the Lilith archetype in its most primal sense of 1st order; then you will see, that Lilith is the Christmother Maria, Queen of Heaven, say as a direct ambassadora to Barbelo as the Afterthought, created by the Perfect One as the Forethought.
{Reference is the 'Secret Book of John' of the Nag Hammadi Codex}.

Then 2nd order labelings include Inanna as the mother of Marduk and Isis as the mother of Horus and many more

Well, there are different views about this. (What do you think of the" Whore and Beast of Babylon") LOL

Saying #108 from the Gospel of Thomas, our master templar's handbook manual to decode the 'mysteries':

(105) Jesus says: "Whoever will come to know father and mother, he will be called son of a whore."

This shows you the validity of the 1st order interpretation for Lilith and also the Adam and Eve Creation Story of post #1351.

As you may know from the Hebrew mythology; Lilith's REFUSAL=LASUFER->LUCFIFER to lay beneath Adam in sexual intercourse, caused 'Her' to 'fly away' and become the 'Roaming Demoness' say a Succubi and cosmic archetype seductress of the Maleness.
This was before EVE was 'created' from one of Adam's Ribs, so rendering Eve as archetype for the womanhood DEPENDENT on ADAM (as a sexchanged Man say) UNTIL she somehow would become 'liberated' as a true femaleness.

The 'fakeness' of EVERY WOMAN of being a 'sexchanged maleness in mind' {it's the other way around for males; the mucked up creation renders all males feminine in their particlebodies and all females masculine in their mindwaves} then IS this Whore of Babylon.

The Whore of Babylon is an old archetype for a mucked up feminity (because of the broken symmetry, see #1351); which becomes REDEFINED in the Book of Revelation and by the 'shattering of the Mirror of Illusions' encoded as the 'Sea' from which the 'Beast' ascends from. The false prophet ascending from the 'Earth' is simply the human, all humans, who look min the mirror of illusion and see the Beast as themselves - this seeing falsity instead of truth defines the 'False Prophet'.

I like to refer to this information (scroll to the middle of the page.....)

Yes, this is a good account. Did you see there that Inanna is called the Queen of Heaven?
I commented on the Sumerian mythology in an earlier message, about a month ago. How it links to Egypt and Greece.

But the things you say about Lilith are nice enough to cope with
You are a classy Lady of the NightDay Sunset-Sunrise amate.

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