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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Dragon I have a question for you;

Why do you constantly avoid straight answer when questioned?

You elaborate quite long and well but you never answer a question.
That is one more sign that you are not of the light. Your master is not Jesus Christ .
Your master is THE Dragon,liar and the one who rebelled.

The very Christ that you claim that is your Lord said that Pharisee's ,Scribes and all of its kind in the entire universe are of their father-Dragon, who is a liar and murderer from the beginning.
He abandoned truth and love and light for madness and his pride and desire to rule, desire to be God.

If you wish to serve him , that is your wish and that's fine with me.

Everybody has a free will.
But what you sow -that you will reap.

One more thing for people to remember here:

Dragon is talking about genetic hybridization and manipulation, making people into Dragons...
What does that tell you?
Where the bell rings?

To an ancient world made by fallen angels and their offspring that made chaos on earth in those days until their destruction in flood.
When you read the Book of Enoch you find that after their little experiment ,fallen angels actually mourned before Enoch and asked him to bid for them before throne of Glory. They asked Enoch to pray for them in order that Creator grant them mercy.

They were not granted mercy. They thought that they will be pardoned just like that. They spilled blood, destroyed lives, caused much damage and they wanted to come and say :"Father please forgive us..."

Sure Creator could have erased all they did wrong but that would be not responsible of him. That would give an example to the entire creation that they can do as they please because ,anytime,the Father will erase it with a erasing gum and all will be new.
No -Creator did not created his children to be brats. Everybody has to be aware of holynes of life.

The one who became Dragon did exactly oposite of Creator's intention.

Genetic manipulation between species is not allowed by Creator.
You find that when reading in Bible where is stated that whom ever , be it man or woman ,lay with the beast of any kind - is to be destroyed.

Now you see here that this Dragon speaks positively about genetic manipulation. Whom does he represent ?


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