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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite


The Hydra is born of Typhon. It has "7-9 heads", of which the center head is imortal. This head is the Letter E as it is related back to the 9 digits that run from A to I which comprise Pi.


As one head is killed, two more grow back.

The Pi's Ra, or the Hydra

Letters H and P. Suffice it to say that they are often transposed and so are one and the same. The Greek Letter for P is Pi ,and the p shape, shares equivalencies with the Letter H, or that when combined as PH, the Letters H and P share a value of 6, or a sound of "F", as in the word "phonetics": all of these things we are not supposed to know, for they are key to the Letter Number Philosophical system of the OCCULT.

H is located at 8 which will sum to 36, AND P is located at 16, and will sum to 136, revealing the co-relational 1:36, which is, of course, 666 .

THE two primary archetypal "arch" enemies, of the Occult, are the
the Hydra and the Octopus.

The Hydra, with the Letter H transposing to a P, reveals the PY'd RA, while the Octopus reveals Pi, in not so subtle of a manner. There are parallels between the nature of the Hydra, and the Octopus .

In the Hydra (Pi'd Ra), immersed as it is in the material plane. The Hydra was born of Typhon,aka Ursa Major, as Typhon is the realm of the material atmosphere and all the incumbent spiritual life that dwells within. When one head was cut off, another head would grow. What remained was that the body of the Hydra could not die even as each head was cut off. You can see this concept, played out in the movie Avatar.

On the other hand, the Octopus has 8 arms.

The Number 8, again, sums to 36, and the 8th sign of the Zodiac is (Scorpio) = Score Pi X 10)

Yet in the Octopus, we find the core nature of Occult philosophies. There can be no other god than Jehovah, and so all the arms operate from the one head, as opposed to the many heads being part of the larger body (the L F Ant).LF = 18 or 666

When the Octopus is cornered, and one of the arms is effectively cut off, it too exhibits the same characteristics of the Hydra ,in that the mangled and torn arm grows anew.

Further, when cornered with little chance of escape, the Octopus squirts out a stream of ink, making the waters of truth cloudy ,with the ink of BS information ,and then quickly disappears into the darkened, and muddied seas. Compare this to the obvious reality that 9-11. an occult formula aligned with Ritual. The deed was*clouded behind a sea of ink, in the form of media control.

This very reality of controlling the press, is fused to the reality that the Octopus covers its escape in a sea of ink. If truth could be ascertained, and known, and the Octopus unable to muddy the waters in ink, its demise could more readily be accomplished. We, unwilling to think for ourselves,allow the ink to flow, and cloud the waters.

Keep in mind, that when an arm of the Octopus is totally severed, it still is able to operate for a period of time, as if it is still alive.

Look around you, and you will notice this pattern of the octopus ink,that is use to( D)ceive the profane,and then they disappear in the muddy Sea, keeping the truth seeker always guessing, and waiting for the truth, thats right in their faces.

It is said in the allegory, that after Seth murdered his brother (Cain murders Able) Osiris,) that Osiris would go on to reign as King of the Underworld. But truth is deceptive even as the Construct reveals the critical keys. UN is a prefix. D is a Letter (root). "ER" is a suffix intimating a past tense. Simple, really.

UN = Prefix for "NOT"
D = The Root Philosophical Concept
ER = Suffix intimating a past tense or a cycle.

Not a D world.

But what is a "D" world. A "D" world ,is a world in which truth is half revealed, and half concealed, where there exists a night ,and day, and each of these reveal further Occult realities and structures.

So Osiris is King of the Not a D World or (UNDERWORLD).This is Planned deception, which means exactly the opposite. What Osirius rules over, is the Sun ,and all the philosophy that eminates therefrom. What Occult forces seek to do, is "Kill the Sun.

It could be noted that the silence before the unfolding plan to bring about a global government, is evidence of the Occult idea of "beheading the Hydra".

The key to remember here ,is that the Hydra has many heads, and all people may create their own head, even as they are part of the larger body.

There is nothing, really, to stop any of us from growing a new head on the Hydra.We just have to think for ourselves, and start breaking down the (D)eceptive nature of words, anagrams symbols, and Archetypes. For Xample, what the hell is positive thinking and what is negative thinking??? These are all deceptive ideas, that plague the human psyche.

This basic realization of the Hydra and the (hp), gives a whole new meaning, to ET (F)ONE home.

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