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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

My answer to this should be selfevident. A fear-based galactic civilization requires shieldings of many kinds; a truly advanced galactic civilization has evolved past such necessitations.
I am not involved with this method of I do not follow the information. However I disagree with your summation that there is no necessity to shield because of the evolved state of a civilization. It's not true. There are always other civilizations out there that are less evolved, that would require such protection.

You don't have to be "fear based" to find the necessity to shield.

As for ":shielding" in's always good to do in some form, as there are many out there who will tap into your energy for various reasons. Unless they have been given permission to do so, it's like free reign to get their hands on who you are. Do I suggest doing it for the reason of "fear"? Only if you fear...but it is a privacy issue with me.
If you want to know my energy, and who I are going to have to ask me. Not tap into my energy source direct.
This does not mean I will not share my energy direct..but will still reserve the energy itself for that which I choose. It goes along the lines of being sovereign in my view. It goes hand in hand.

I'll also add...for those of us who are extremely sensitive to would be a necessity, as daily you would be bombarded by outside energies that would eventually cause many problems....particularly if you did not know the source of that energy, at any given time.

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