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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Seraphim and Cherubim are archetypical labels for 2nd and 3rd order generation for the Unity of the 1st order.
So the Seraphim is the elder emanation of the Creator-Energy and so 'closer' to 'God' than the younger emanation of the Cherubim.
But it is all just labeling of the emanation of the Creator-Energy manifesting the Material SpaceTime Universe from its Metaphysical Precursor.
In the cosmogony of Thuban; the 1st Order became the Oneness of the Creator expressed in the Two in One bifurcation.
This created templates for a later manifestation of dualities, yet unified in 1st order.
Spirit-Antispirit duality allowed Matter-Antimatter blueprints in a mirror function.
Suppression of the AntiSpirit (or AntiLight NOT Darkness) coupled with the suppression of antimatter to ALLOW GRAVITY to emerge and once gravity was 'blueprinted' a physical spacetime universe could become constructed from the energy reservoir of the Creator say.

Then the Creator's Unity became a Creator-Creation duality, akin the Chicken-Egg paradox.

This emergence of Gravity IS the LUCIFERIC FALL of the Nephilim and so describes the 1st order becoming 2nd order in the cosmogenesis.

The stories of the Annunaki and the Etherians etc. etc. all emerge later in the attempts of the 4th order Children of the Creator-Creation duality to remember themselves and their origins.

The 'Chief-Seraphim' so is associated with 2nd order Lucifer as BOTH White and Black or both Light and Dark 'falling' into 3rd order as the Cherubimic and Daemonic Archons, say as described in the 'Secret Book of John' of the Nag Hammadi Codex of gnostic lore.

One can also associate here the Metatron Seraphim as transforming into the four ArchAngels Michael-Fire; Gabriel-Air; Raphael-Water and Uriel-Earth as the 'fifth element' (of the Ether or the Chinese Metal or the Dodecahedron of Plato and so forth) and such,
None of those labelings and relabelings are 'wrong' but all are derivatives from older archetypes.

Thank you for the explanation Abrax. Sorry the board went down this morning when i was attempting to reply. Anywho Imho, I'm having a tuff time grasping the 1st, 2nd 3rd order concept and i think others are too. Maybe you could further simplyfy it alittle.

I do see alot of similarities except for the different names and nomencleture.
This is my comprehension from what i've read elsewhere:
Primary & Secondary creation was performed by Nine Ether energies/gases/beings. These Nine ether conscious and conscience gases personified by both sound and electric energy, both positive and negative. Electro being negative and Magnetic being positive. All that is appointed a supreme being to be the creator God. This supreme being could personify him/herself as an Etherian being, a being of pure light at will. So this supreme being/Creator energy created the Seraphim/positive, beings of the pure green light, ethereal and Cherubim, Sub-supreme beings of the impure, amber light. So the Arch-Angels are your Seraphim and your Lucifer/luciferians etc are your cherubim.
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