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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by hippihillbobbi View Post
Abraxas --

thanks for your answers to my previous questions, but--at the risk of pestering you--i would like to ask if you would focus on the part of my 1st question (i haven't figured out how to cut & paste it onto this message...duh!) which has to do with the relative awareness of those 3-d entities NOT ascending. will there be fear, sadness, joy, jealously or simply Unawareness on the part of these who are doing something else besides ascending, re: this ascension of those they may even know or be close-to? i think perhaps this is something Bigmo is also asking about in a post above.

Hi hippihillibobbi!

To intersperse, simply write into the (quote)...(/quote) thread and say colour your words differently using the A-button.
Then, and this is important, simply sign the final post UNDERNEATH the second (/quote) before sending.

The so called ascension is really a descension - something 'coming down' to meet humanity.
So the contact of the old with the new will be a collective and a personal experience and encounter.
Some will fear, some will rejoice, some will accept and others will reject the new reality.
Noone is responsible in any form or manner how individuated 'free willed' data collectors for the Unity react.

2) Abraxas ..... i am having a good bit of difficulty understanding how only 144,000 human entities (approx. 1 out of 50,000 per 7.2 billion earth-inhabitants) will be evolved enough to ascend at this coming major transition. this just seems like such a low number to me ..... even just considering the people i know myself. since it's been stated numerous times (in LoO at least) that if one is even "51%" oriented toward service-to-others, one is "capable of" ascension ........ does this not render the "144,000" a rather pessimistic prognostication? is this number symbolic perhaps (though i haven't gotten that impression from you)? i DO realize that everyone not ascending will progress appropriately through other experiences and that "all will be well" for each of us "shards," no matter the particular outcome for any one of us during this dramatic shift ....... but these calculations/predictions of how many will be able to ascend "soon" somehow just don't resonate with me. Please Help!

The 1 in 50,000 is a 'core number', also counting the days from September 12th, 1975 to December 21st, 2012 as the 'building of the Holy Temple' in the 12,000 'furlongs' in Revelation.21.16.

Then in terms of calendrical day-night days this number is 'fixed'; but in terms of individual souls this number simply indicates the distribution of 12 starsigns in a circle.

So it is not a question of individual 'ascension status' of belonging or not belonging to the 12x12,000; as ALL belong to IT by nature of having a birthday somewhere in the zodiacal year.

This promulgated idea, that there are nonascending 'lukewarm' individuals who will be transported to another earthlike planet in 3D is grossly misunderstood.
The problem is the LINEAR and Literal explanation of an archetypical transformation.

The physical perception of what 3D space reality is will shift. It is like the 'spiritual reality' will no longer be able to be denied - BY ANYONE.
The reaction to this shift will so determine the 'ascension status'; not in some physical transportation or transposition, but in a 'change of the guard'.
You can imagine your own scenarios of what it will be like if a 4D space reality manifests PHYSICALLY in a 3D environment.

The many skeptics and ridiculers will be dumbfounded by this 'change in physical reality'.
Similarly, the 'supernaturality believers' will find that the 'expected changes' are not what they have 'believed' in their traditions.

The 144,000 are SOUL-Entities within YOU right now and like a perimeter of a circle about a 13th center - of the Cosmic Logos or Christ or Plumed Serpent or similar.

The 144,000 so CAN MIRROR into others IF YOU have SEALED YOURSELF in being able to 'Sing the Song of Moses and of the New Earth as Serpentina, the New Jerusalem, the Bride of the Christ in Many and the Wife of the Homecoming Father-God-Creator.
These are all labels to describe deeper 1st hand archetypes and symbols dating to the beginning of the universe.

So there are PRECISELY 144,000 'souls' BUT they are UNLIMITED to multiply as the ONE through YOU and anyone else, far more than the 144,000, if YOU are ABLE by SELFCHOOSING to ACT and FEEL and KNOW yourself as the Oneness of the center of the circle. There are 200 million 'alien' 'soul-aspects' complementing the 144,000 by the way.

YOU KNOW this in becoming ALL Starsigns as the 13th (Dinah of Jacob and Leah and Ophiuchus, the sepent tamer say) and THEN you will be able to 'Sing the Song of the Lamb' and Open the 'Book of Everlasting Life' Through and BY HIMHERSELF as the ONE in MANY.

This is the true meaning of the Eucharist.

777 seems to Understand the Source material, which is known as the Gospel of Thomas de Nag Hammadi. It was composed in interaction with the Cosmic Christ following the Resurrection and not before the latter.


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