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Default Re: Healing list....put the name here ....

I have passed this thread a few times and have often thought what good souls you are helping others.
At this time i am deeply worried about my sister not so much in health although she suffers with glaucoma and has had surgery to no avail it has caused further problems sadly.
But i am more worried about her state of mind, she is a single girl and is now retired she does live alone and has no pets as such because she is not allowed them in her small flat, in fact she is totally alone.
I ring her regularly and visit her once a month i would like to see more of her but we live such a long way from her.
She has become of late very depressed her effort to try and move has not come to fruition, where she lives, she has drug users and pushers dangerous dogs and is continuously harassed by children who find it funny to hassle the older residents in her block of flats.
She feels she has to protect those around her and is always helping them she really does a good job but i feel it is taking a toll on her own life.
She is becoming more and more depressed and i worry for her deeply.

She has already threatened to take her life, which surprises me because she has always been a very strong person and believed this was not the way to go in life and everything against her beliefs, she is not s religious person but thinks and believes like i do.

Her eyesight now has become very bad the operation to remove cataracts did not go well in fact the one eye she could see through has now less vision than before she feels she does not want to live if her eyesight gets worse or if she loses her sight altogether which could happen she has been told.

I have tried to get her to move in with me and my husband but she is a proud person and would not allow us to do this to our disappointment, because i would love for her to move in, but she has lived on her own for so long.

I continuously send her love and healing but i feel i need a little help and ask if she may be added to your list.

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