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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by Initiate View Post
It's good to see your still human Abraxas.

A couple of questions:

1) You mentioned you experienced a melding in the form of a walk in. Was this completely voluntary?

2) How much has the personality of the other party over shadowed your human personality?


Hi Initiate!

Dragonhood requires Humanness as its basis; just as the mammalian midbrain must evolve from its reptilian brainstem and the human topbrain requires the mammalian midbrain to emerge from it.

1) This 'walk-in' label is greatly misunderstood.
You, Initiate are a walk-in, otherwise you would not post on this forum or be interested in such subject matter.

The 'walking-in' is simply what the name implies.
A part or aspect of your multidimensional soul decides to join you NOT at conception in the blending of the sex chromosomes; but sometime during your incarnational soul-journey.

My walk-in occurred on November 16th, 1975 and then laid dormant with particular 'eruptions' over the next 20 and 33 years. It manifested on June 25th, 2008 in completion after having 'appeared' June 5th, 1976; March 30th, 1985; May 13th, 1985; March 24th, 1995.

There would be a minority of people on this planet, who did not experience such 'walk-ins'. The 'full implementation' is however rare and requires preparation - not in Om-Meditation-Circles or Ascension-Retreats or Lecture-Tours but in simple purity of intent and concentration. Everyone 'can do it' however.

2) My human ID is John Shadow and the 'walk-in' is the disincarnate 'I'.
They are mirrors or shadows of each other - as are you and your disincarnate 'collective I'.

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