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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by ewhite View Post
Greetings abraxasinas,

I have been following this marvelous thread since you started it, I have been taking in this vast amount of information as best as I can. I must say having read most of it three times it all does start to make sense. I admit of all I think I understand, I feel that I am missing one detail that I can not decipher on my own.

I have seen many of your responses contain phrases such as this:


I have no idea on how to decipher these, or what they mean. I apologize to you and everyone else if this is "elementary", but i feel as if I may understand much more if you would kindly explain (or point me in the right direction) what these mean or how it fits with the rest of this tremendous information.

Thank you,

Thank you ewhite for asking me directly about this. It is such a marvellous question, because it allows me to share a magnificent story of how the education system of the New Earth will be much more fun and play, than the rote-learning of the Old Earth.

Here is the story and your question will be answered within it.

You are EWHITE and you have a Son called Tim, who being about 6 years old is learning to count and write in some school.

You have taught Tim the alphabet of 26 letters and also the complementary 'Arabic' numeracy.

Even before Tim began interacting in a schooling environment with other children, you taught him the SECRET of his NAME.

Tim so knows his secret name when he begins school life and soon he plays with other children and they exchange names.
'I am Tim, what is your name', asks Tim
'My name is John and her name is Eliza', replies John.

Tim scratches his head and thinks for a while. He also looks at the wall in front of him, where the treacher is sitting observing the school ground.
'John I know something about you, which you dont know and the same about Eliza', Tim grins to both John and Eliza.

'Yeah, what would that be', Eliza questions Tim.

Tim says: "John your secret name is the Number 47 and Eliza your secret number is the number 53"!

John and Eliza look at each other and John replies astounded: "how do you know that"?

'It's very simple magic. I'll teach it to you and then you can teach the magic of the numbers to the other kids", replies Tim.

'And I'll check you in both of you telling me my secret name', Tim continues.

'Wow, this could be fun", says Eliza and so the children teach and learn from each other - without teachers staring over their shoulders, except in some general role of the observer of the playground.
The children learn both the Alphabet and Basic Arithmetic just by sharing their Names of the Magic Numbers.

Ok, this is how Tim worked out John's and Eliza's 'secret numbers' of the Magic.
On the wall behind the teacher is a grand banner of the Alphabet with numbers written under each number:

A=1; B=2; C=3; D=4; E=5; F=6;......X=24; Y=25; Z=26.

So Tim added up (in his head): J=10; O=15; H=8 and N=14.
10+15=25, 25+8=33 and 33+14=47.

For Eliza then, looking at the banner of the Alpha-Numeracy:

E=5; L=12; I=9; Z=26; A=1 for 5+12=17, 17+9=26; 26+26=52; 52+1=53.

And the playfulness of mathematics, linked to visualisations in practical relevance, such as given names continues.

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