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Please! What has being or turning vegetarian got to do with all of this? Your strong case has no basis for any of the topics on ProjectAvalon or ProjectCamelot. To me you are just speaking nonsense and nothing related to this thread. If you really want to learn about vegetarianism will perhaps enlighten you to the pitfalls and perils.

Originally Posted by bashi View Post
Hi, i am new here.
After all the info put out and interviews done by Bill and Kerry, it has become quite clear that mankind is at a crucial junction for its future development. At the same time we are under massive influence and attack by the “dark” side in order to facilitate a particular outcome which for most of us is not desirable.
The workings of the “dark” powers are by most of us not well understood and definitely underestimated. I guess that just few of us were attacked, manipulated or influenced and came out of it unharmed and complete.
Because the playing – level of this “war for our souls” reaches far beyond the material world as we normally know it. We are not talking about weapons or jump-rooms, but about Mind Control, Spiritual Energies, Possession etc.
So how to make a difference? How to become spiritually stronger to stand up against the onslaught? Somehow we have to start, and believe me: Its a long way to go from here…
There is a saying: “Be the change you want to see”.
I think there is a lot of wisdom in it.
Or: “Don’t do to others, what you do not want to be done to yourself”.
What does it mean practically?
We are complaining that the Reptilians are eating human flesh. From their standpoint, why shouldn’t they? They are much more than we are in almost all aspects. Therefore they are regarding us as a resource – as livestock. Are they not having the same approach as we have towards “lower” animals? Additionally we are the only species on earth which is killing itself in Millions, either actively or inactively through hunger, untreated diseases etc. We don’t care for our own species, so why should they?
Eat and be eaten, that’s then the rule . An eye for an eye.
We are only complaining, because we are not at the top of the food-chain, and therefore we fear to be eaten. Don’t you think a cow would not be afraid, if it realizes that it ends up at the abattoir?
Have you heard that the “higher” spiritually developed, benevolent alien races are slaughtering “lower” animals and are eating them? I learned only about “Fruitarians”, drinking “liquid light” or direct energy assimilation.
So, for our (selfish) benefit, I want to make a strong case for becoming a vegetarian. In my opinion that’s one of the base stones for a strong spiritual development and protection. You don’t have to become member of any group or sect to start it. If you would really listen to your heart, then you would already be a vegetarian.
Before talking about how to gain psychic powers to fight the “dark” enemy, you should be sure about your personal moral stand. Power without love and compassion is extremly dangerous.
My opinion is: Develop your heart and LOVE first. Because in that field we are by far superior than the Reptilians and many other alien races. You canīt fight with a Reptilian by using weapons or psychic powers, because you are bound to loose. But what you can do is to respect and LOVE them.
Yes , I am serious: LOVE the Reptilians !
Because they canīt stand the high LOVE vibration and they will retreat and leave you alone (probably only for some time until they learned their lesson, because they are very stubborn).
That’s how to make a stand and keep the battle ground.
Start with yourself: Fight the temptation of the tongue and become a veggie. Then discuss within your friends and family. That’s to start making a difference.
Becoming a veggie is a first step to improved protection; because the more exposed you are, the more vicious the attacks. That’s not easy: Once they are hooked into you, your chances are diminished. Many are getting lead away into the dark, only to never resurface without help.
While I am not sure that Dr. Greer has been able to protect himself, I noticed that Bill and Kerry are seemingly doing well. And I don’t think that’s only because of the White Hatīs protective Psi-Ops.

So, my question to Bill:
"You briefly mentioned in the Freedom Central interview that you are doing some daily spiritual exercise.
Can you elaborate on that without creating a new sect?"


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