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Default Re: "Handbooks for The New Paradigm"


Now, I can see who else have read these books.

I frequented Project Camelot long before joining the Forum, but oddly enough, as I think about it. When I began to read the books (began to see a bright white light/star) was when something pointed me to this forum. I didn't know it existed.

Despite some skepticism, I've experienced/observed quite a bit since I began reading the books, especially while working on a couple of projects to awake people across the U.S. and certain swine flu infomation I sent to State Health Board officials, some Military and Police in 40 states. During these projects I remember requesting protection, however, later rescinding it because it was I "choosing" to take such an action to help others. Therefore, I own the repercussions.

Has anyone felt like you were being observed only to see if you take the right or necessary steps?

I would be very interested in such a thread being created.
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