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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

I thought about making a new thread but...this one is similar and there are videos in it etc...

Less than 5 min ago (21:20 GMT+1 atm) I saw something. It is extremely clear sky here today (Ljubljana).

It was very high, it had its own light source (white) and it was emmiting something that can be described as white smoke clouds....

I am not making it up. I also have no evidence and no means of producing evidence (only mobile phone camera which is completely useless at night or if the object is too far away).

I am 90% sure it was not an airplane. There were no blinking lights and it was moving too fast. Also the white stuff remained behind.... I think it was not chem was "very" visible, it spread very wide (judging by the distance and how big i saw it) chems do not do that so fast, and there was no other light than stars (no moon light etc)

And thought that it might be an ET craft made me feel - alive. The feeling was something special...although I am not sure if it was.

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