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Default Re: Spiritual Telepathic Communication

Originally Posted by Surial View Post
In astral travel, I have connected through telepathy with the Pleadeians. I have received contact from our human race in space. Earth is a project. We are a field of study. An experiment - Our altered short life span DNA with warrior qualities isolated in a controlled environment. DNA activation will happen. This is the cause for the inner struggle of our race. Not knowing but feeling the answers causes confusion and chaos.

As the Nexus belt draws closer we will evolve. No more lies or secrets. The human race will divide into two aspects - the Conclusion yet unknown.

It is very crucial that we all connect in love and wisdom - this will help our transition go much smoother. The age of Fear is coming to an end. Many unanswered question will be telepathically received from our race in space.
Hello Surial and may i say your topic is very interesting. The information i have recieved is similar to yours.

As i find things, the project you talk of was an ancient one where we acted as a labouring force. A well known entity came forth and out of sadness for our suffering gave us the spark that is true life.

The future you speak of involves teachings given where we shall be shown our dormant powers and how to activate them.

A point that must be made is that many of these advanced civilisations are as corrupt in thier ways as the human is now. Not all our brothers and sisters amongst the stars are pure and innocent.

Overall, a new chapter in mankinds history approaches and we shall all be guided upon the appropriate path.
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