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Default Re: Spiritual Telepathic Communication

Thanks so much for that. I suppose you're right, I am afraid of the unknown and of losing control. I read in paradigm that the need to control is learned and habitual. Aint that the truth, I never used to be so 'neurotic' and feel the need to be in control and control everything. I have much growing to do out of my bad habits. I guess some reassurance that nothing bad is going to happen to me if I allow myself to pop out. And being like a child (uneducated and malleable) in this plane but at the same time not being innocent (knowing what unsavory characters are out there) I am 'not in a good place!' if you will.

thanks for any guidance! I am going to pick up one of the books on the book thread...Ramtha the White book is calling me so maybe I'll start there.....
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