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Originally Posted by RedeZra View Post
Fine you be on top of your game in Life and God will guide you through Death and back to Life again to Death to Life again and back again so you can influence yourself again and again continually paused by brief moments of Death then Life and Death and Life again til you get so fed up you cant take it anymore and seriously start to look for God in Life lol

Actually God Self Realization is serious business for only a few handful people at every time
Most dont understand it - Many cant take it - Some go half the way - Only a few endure to the End
It means literally picking up the Cross carry it be strung on it and pierced on it!
It means being spat on cursed ridiculed trampled kicked bruised and battered!
It means total destruction of ego in body mind and soul!

Who will carry this Cross...? Any volunteers among Man...? Who will help me carry this Cross...?
So He did it Himself all the Way that whoever believes from now to ever in the Power of His Resurrected Spirit shall be saved by the Glory of His Name!
Ah, but all matter is a collective of "gods" of this universe, as we're from the same source. Gods of consciousness.

I'm not sure what you mean of enduring, I've endured 20 years of a "godless" existence believing in practically nothing. It was because there was nothing meaningful to believe in, I refused to give into chirstianity for example, which was force-fed to me.
I have been destroyed, but been rebuilt so strong that you'd have to physically destroy me to remove the conviction I have of this.

There is no cross to bear, there is only love. It's all you and I ever needed to do.

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